Prince Edward Island

Artemis plays Prince Edward Island's main voice for Canada Eh!.

Let's start with...Edit

The fact that Artemis is proudly a home grown Canadian and currently recides in London, Ontario, despite being born in Masset, BC, a place that NO ONE has probably heard of... But she digresses. At the age of 19, she has never really accomplished anything and this is pretty much the kick start to what she hopes will be a very successful voice acting career!

Let's continue with the fact that Artemis is NOT Artemis's real name, though she doesn't really care... Continuing on with the fact that despite Artemis being of Scottish decent, she has no accent what so ever, unless you count the Canadian accent as an accent.

Random Facts about Artemis:Edit

  • Artemis has a DeviantART account.
  • And a FanFiction.Net account.
  • She has a large love for roleplaying, and often spends her time doing THAT when she's not drawing or writing.
  • Artemis wishes with her full heart that she was a red-head, but sadly remains a blonde, no matter how many times she dyes her hair red...
  • ... Artemis tried to upload a photo of herself, but WIKI was being an annoyance, so she'll do it later.
  • As well as Hetalia, Artemis is interested in many different anime.
  • Her top three favourites are, with reason and in this order:
  • 1) Detective Conan One of a kind anime; this anime is one of the only she can find that actually requires one to think about what's going on. Including an incredible cast in both english and japanese versions, over all she gives it 10/10!
  • 2) Axis Powers: Hetalia An anime that makes fun of ALL the countries, including it's own, AND is funny to boot? Who could ask for more?!
  • 3) This one is a Tie between Negima!? and FLCL Negima!? was chosen due to Artemis's currently obsession with it. That and the fact that she's met Greg Ayres... FLCL was picked because well... Have you SEEN the anime?! IT'S INSANE.
  • And now Artemis is just rambling about herself, so she's going to close with the fact that she hopes you all have taken in the information you wanted from her wiki page!