Caseycat95, (also just simply known as Casey) is a social loving crazy artist. She never tried out for auditioning for anything until her friends in oklahoma introduced her to the Hetanada webpage on livejournal. She then found out auditions for the provinces were being held, so she decided to try out for her own province, BC! Not really knowing the proper audition expectancies of a voice actor, she got the part!

Caseycat is a 5th generation Victorian, born and raised in the capital of BC (not Vancouver! Victoria!). It's a very peaceful town, many old heritage buildings, not a single skyscraper in sight across all of vancouver island, the constant screams of seagulls. it's very beautiful in the summer; but any other season its nothing but rain, and she doesn't get much snow either!

Her hobbies include drawing, drawing, writing out a story she plans to make a famous comic one day, drawing and talking!

Caseycat Trivia!Edit

  • She draws every day of her life
  • Doesn't get bothered by the fact she lives in her own vital region
  • Coldest temp she's felt is -16C! That was blistering cold, holy bajeebus!
  • Favours Traditional art over Digital (tablet ain't workin', I've been forced to adapt to the WAYS OF OUR ANCESTORS)
  • People say she's easy to talk to, can always keep a conversation goin'!
  • Geek Alert* This woman is insane. There is no room left on her walls due to the abundance of superhero posters, she needs a bigger bookcase for the growing family of Steampunk, DC, and Sonic comics, and oh goodness! She is a gigantic movie-buff! Run for your lives!

Caseycat's AdvertisingEdit