About CTCSherryEdit

  • can just be referred to as Sherry
  • currently works full-time as a medical illustrator in Toronto. Sometimes do freelance medical illustrations
  • is evil, but is full of passion and patience for what she genuinely loves
  • immigrated from Taiwan at a "relatively older age", therefore fluent in Mandarin and has a strong connection to Taiwanese culture
  • but loves Canada at first sight and never wanted to be anywhere else
  • not really an anime fan or a gamer, but more of a manga reader
  • reads very little mainstream manga, the largest collection being of the historical and sports genre
  • loves many things related to the real world, like culture diversity, history, classical arts, sciences, etc.
  • Life goal #1 Draw for the sake of creativity and love, not because it sounds cool to be a professional artist
  • Life goal #2 Travel the world, one destination a year
  • an expensive drunk

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