� Also known as Hippo-tan, Nunny, Mauri-nee, Mollywobbles (To Porta only) and Molly

About her and... stuff!Edit

  • Chicagoan and extremely Irish as well
  • Spent her early childhood in both Ontario and Ireland - has formed the ROC(Recovering Ontarians Club) with Rhin becasuse of this.
  • Now divides her time between her beloved Illinois, her slightly-less-beloved-but-still-fairly-well-liked Wisconsin, the altogether overly named State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Arizona who gives her heatstroke and sunburn every time she goes there, Indiana which is rather like a conservative Illinois with cigarettes, and Ohio who still terrifies her with her overbearing patriotism.
  • She is not likely to mention the fact that she has switched locations unless she is going somewhere for more than two weeks or does not think there will be internet access.
  • Perpetually injured, with dislocated ankles and a cough like someone dying of tuberculosis
  • Vegetarian
  • Speaks excellent Spanglish and attempting to learn French
  • Draws for the project
  • Understudy of Nunavut and main voice for an indefinite length of time
  • Plays the flute
  • Married Amy, another member of the project, to combine Amy's great lineart with Molly's pretty colouring.
  • Supposedly has a Midwest-British accent, wishes her voice would choose one continent's inflection and stick with it.
  • Uses a mix of British, US, Canadian, and Australian slang.
  • Once stalked Rhin and passed her off as a sibling in order to gain free entry to a museum in Halifax.
  • Likes people and is kind of a wimp.
  • Does not hate Toronto, much to the chagrin of many.
  • Does hate New York City with the burning passion only a Chicagoan could muster.

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