Placard halifax

Halifax by Misharoyuki on DeviantArt

Halifax is one of the unofficial city characters in the IAmMatthewian Project (IAMP).

Physique and personalityEdit

Halifax is an English speaking city and is the capital of the province of Nova Scotia. He has dark long brown hair tied up in a low ponytail and bears light hazel eyes. Halifax wear a short sleeved black shirt with medium blue cuffs and collar, with a yellow tee-shirt underneath. The collar of the shirt has two yellow buttons and the shirt bears the former logo of the city printed in yellow. He also wears washed jeans and black shoes.

Halifax by TheRealCanadianBoys.

His right shoulder also has a scar that represent the Halifax Explosion of 1917. Halifax will also sometimes wear a black sailor hat with a white rim with a light blue strip and an anchor embroidered on it. Halifax is a very friendly person that likes to hang out and drink beer. He has a sister named Dartmouth.