Hapo laying in the snow outside her Alberta home shortly after returning from a school trip to Arizona

HapoEatsWaffles, commonly cited as Hapo57 and usually referred to as simply 'Hapo' is a mildly irritable and overcautious Canadian who voice acts as the Yukon Territory while holding the understudy position for Alberta. She also draws silly pictures for the Project. She is often seen stalking other's deviantART pages, her own deviantART page, or gratuitously patting herself on the back for being such a genius and all around humble person. She is known around the forums for continuously attacking Calgary, 'the Cess Pool of the Universe', but truly believes that Calgary is a lovely place with decent people deep down in her heart, despite her heavily biased Edmontonian conditioning against believing such drivel. Hapo was born in the capital of the territory she voice acts, but she currently lives in the middle of the country orbiting around Edmonton, Alberta; a cold but immensely preferable locale to Calgary. Edmonton is described in 'How to be Canadian' as having a festival named Klondike Days (now Capital EX) to celebrate the fact that the Gold Rush happened somewhere else (The Yukon). She finds this as well as her environmentalist beliefs, irritable anti-social nature, and her birthplace adequate reasons to be the Yukon Territory. After her extraordinary birth and first three years of life, Hapo has lived in Edmonton and a weird puzzle-piece shaped place called Iowa, a corn field in the United States of Alfred, before coming to live out in the Canadian Wilderness. Now in university, she divides much of her time between the University of Alberta and the country. She is slightly ashamed to admit that she once got lost in her own back yard and turned up three subdivisions down the highway. When she's not bragging about the cold, Hapo likes to brag about how she is one of the few Albertans who doesn't drink or drive and is more left wing than the green party. Her current goal in life is to find a Saskatchewaner to tell her all she needs to know about her mysterious neighbour to the east.


A messy portrayal of Hetalia's Canada by Hapo

Right now, Hapo is in that weird experimental phase in her artwork, so the 'styles' fluctuate sometimes trying to find their niche. She hasn't voice acted before either, and as a relatively minor character (Say, next to, I don't know... Ontario?) she hasn't had much time or opportunity to figure out this whole 'speaking' thing. Her inspiration for the Yukon's voice was Gaz from Invader Zim, but since she can't talk like Gaz she just talks in a voice that's higher than her normal one.

Additionally, one of her favourite hobbies is writing long paragraphs about herself that no one will ever read. She does this to discourage morons from learning her valuable secrets. This is why she doesn't have a Twitter.

Silly Useless TriviaEdit

  • Hapo was born in Whitehorse, Yukon to Albertan parents of English/Scottish/Irish/Ukrainian descent. Unfortunately she knows next to nothing about her heritage. She's not even sure if any of her ancestors were actually cowboys, despite living in Western North America, a vast and incredibly varied and quite vague location. Instead she simply uses herself as living proof that CanadaxUkraine is canon.
  • Living in the United States made her aggressive nature peak, but moving back home calmed her down a lot. She's still more tsundere than passive-aggressive though. Maybe it's because she likes to imagine that she's related to England. Which she is. Ha.
  • Her username was created at nine or ten years old when she was outraged to find out someone had the gall to take the username 'harrypotter' on Neopets, so she shortened it to 'Hapo'. The 57 was added by Neopets and since has become an inseperable part of her identity (Although in retrospect 75 would be much better because it looks more like her initials). She is HapoEatsWaffles only on Youtube and Hapo57 or Hapo nearly everywhere else. She's very easy to find, but she will not be friends with you until you introduce yourself and explain how you found her.
  • Hapo is a failed multilingual. She took French for four years in the United States (When it would have been mandatory in Canada, but alas...) and for two years upon arriving back in Canada. Since then she has ditched French for Japanese, of which she has taken three full semesters of in high school and is nearing completion of her first university level. She is infinitely better at it than French. She hopes that her younger sister- who now is at the age of mandatory-French-taking- will teach it to her. For complicated reasons, she ended up taking Mandarin Chinese in her first semester of University and somewhat regrets it. To make up for her utter failure, she is incredibly good at both English and Social. She has an 'I <3 Tropes of Rhetoric' t-shirt from her Honours class and has made two Shakespeare Parody videos because she is just that nerdy. Unfortunately, one Linguistics course ruined her spelling. She is planning on taking Classical Greek along with Japanese next year for god knows what reasons.
  • Despite being Albertan for the most part, Hapo is a commie tree hugger deep down inside. That's probably why she likes B.C. so much.
  • Despite mentioning communism and Soviet Russia to the point of exponential amounts of irritation to those around her, Hapo is not really a communist. She is just fascinated by it and finds Stalin's eyebrows fun to draw.
  • Despite her attempts at humour, Hapo feels that her subtlety is not obnoxious enough to be picked up by other people. This list was a feeble attempt at repitition of the word 'despite', a word Hapo seems to like, however she much prefers other words; adjectives like 'obnoxious', 'Rockin, and 'Internet'.
  • Hapo is at heart a semi-hardcore Star Wars fan, but gradually she is being sucked into Star Trek. She just watched the Trouble with Tribbles. Now she is going to buy Tribbles off the internet to provide her with love, of which she is slowly starving to death from the inadequate provisions in her Darth Vader bank. She also enjoys the occasional episode of the Amazing Spider-Man or that one anime where ninjas wear metal and bright orange, but desperately hopes that her intelligence will not be called into question when proclaiming her affection for it. Oh yeah, did she mention she loves Sonic the Hedgehog and does art for a Sonic fancomic on dA ?
  • She will be extremely disappointed in you if you cannot discern the difference between stormtroopers and clone troopers.
  • Hapo fails at cosplay, but she has cosplayed as Lithuania and trolled around West Edmonton Mall with Poland. This year she is planning on cosplaying Mama Greece.
  • Hapo is currently supposed to be majoring in East Asian Studies with a minor in Art and Design, but she is now considering switching to History, Art History, or Classics depending on how next year goes. Being too scared unable to get into an art class and having to read Daoist texts about bodily fluids being in harmony with the universe was part of this. Another part was a return to her childhood obsessions with ancient civilizations and mythology.
  • Outside of the IAMP, Hapo has an original comic and a comic about the personifications of ancient city-states on the backburner of her brain.
  • A Part-Time now Unemployed Grammar Nazi thanks to Linguistics. Hapo now believes that eventually 'a lot' will become one word and she won't have to pester people about it anymore. She still finds mistaking "You're" for "Your" unforgivable.
  • Firmly believing 'anime' or 'manga' are not styles, Hapo will passionately sputter and turn an unpleasant shade of magenta if you attempt to argue otherwise.
  • Even though she talks like a pompous idiot about herself on the internet, Hapo is actually a very shy and fairly polite person in conversation online. Offline she is often too paralyzed to speak and refuses to make eye contact. Her obnoxiousness online is probably her pent up frustration of having few people to talk to about things. She enjoys making friends online and subjecting them to her constant bragging about the weather.

Blatant AdvertisingEdit

  • Hapo's deviantART page , which she spends plenty of time lurking on.
  • I Love Earth , Hapo's silly online comic that is doomed to remain unfinished for all of eternity until she learns to write. The old pages are hiding in the gallery.
  • Kanji a Day , another deviantART account that attempts to put an end to 'kawaii desu' abuse and teach people Japanese through the use of lame Axis Powers Hetalia pictures.
  • Hapo's FictionPress that she never ever uses. Sometimes she writes never ending short stories and haiku about her wrists being in pain.
  • Hapo's YouTube where she insists on uploading really crappy animations and Shakespeare parodies.