Canada avatar

Name: Ina-chan

Aliases: Ina-chan, Invisible Director

Role in Project:

Director/ Writer/ Editor/ Coordinator

Voice of Canada for Canada EH!

Ina-chan is...Edit

  • a very proud Canadian
  • a mutt of mixed Filipino-Spanish-Chinese origin
  • an unknown singer/actor/playwright based in Toronto the Good in RL
  • studies humans and used to scan brains for a living
  • a former host/producer of a J-Pop webcast show before getting a short stint as a co-host/producer for a Filipino-Canadian radio show in CHHA 1610 AM Boses Pinas (Formerly Mabuhay Radio).
  • loves creative criticism
  • an avid cosplayer a lifetime ago before getting addicted to theatre work
  • a huge fan of theatre and radio dramas
  • a girl with a HUGE God Complex

Ina-chan has done...Edit

  • the voice of Naomi from indie animated short Starsearcher
  • fanfiction from many fandoms
  • a recording for an indie christian pop CD
  • a voice over dub for a Citizenship Canada educational video
  • quite a few films, some tv and a lot of plays but still has only a one credit from an unknown indie short film in IMDb, please hire me! Please? ^_^.