MewWinxKPandmore, more commonly know as Olivier (or "Ollie"), is the voice actor for Ontario. He lives in southern Louisiana (that's in Alfredland, if you didn't know) and has never seen snow in his life. Although he's never contributed directly to the Iammatthewian project aside from his voiceacting, he draws lots of digital art.

Birthday: January First

Other Nice-to-Know FactsEdit

  • is 3/4 french and 1/4 Italian
  • likes talking to fans and being in-character.
  • likes talking in general.
  • also likes fans in general.
  • and not the spinny kind. He finds those to be quite horrifying.
  • is also scared of vacum cleaners, wind, and crowded hallways.
  • has a general hate for squirrels and ice cream trucks.
  • is a complete and total pervert.
  • Is planning to start a webcomic sometime in the near future.
  • 99% of the fanfictions that he reads are rated M.
  • Should be kept at least 5 meters away from children at all time. (and if you don't know how long 5 meters is, just ask Prussia).
  • Met Porta in real life.
  • Loves the CN Tower.
  • Hates Texas.
  • Is the youngest VA in the project.
  • Is addicted to Video Games, namely Team Fortress 2 and Portal.
  • Is dating HyperRikku17, the voice actor of New Brunswick.

How to Stalk Olivier 101Edit



Skype: theaceofhearts36