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Misharoyuki is an artist and writer for the Iammathewian project.She is often called Misha. She made the first forum and is a moderator for the current one. Her hobbies are drawing, writing and being crazy. She is known for either overdoing or underdoing things. She can crank out art at a rapid speed, but suffers abscences from personal and professional obligations from time to time. She attends High school somewhere in Canada.

Brief HistoryEdit

Misha discovered her love for art in grade five, however she couldn't have art lessons, so she decided to learn to sketch and draw anime by herself. She recieved a tablet a year ago, a little after she first joined the IAM forum. After a few monthes of struggling with different programs, she settled with Paint Tool SAI. Now she has many good friends who share her passion. Misha showcases her (not that good but steadily improving) art here.


Misha is a geography geek and started the cities hype, with the first designed being the big three (Toronto, Vancouver, Québec City), Montréal and other cities soon followed. She and FallingHippo shared the design of Ottawa.


thumb|left|250px|Quebec Theme songthumb|right|250pxMisha sometimes composes music using noteflight, though she is not very pro. She has made theme songs for a few provinces based on their provincial song. She has also made Videos using Sony Vegas Pro. The pictures are drawn by her

thumb|left|250px|Nova Scotia Theme song

thumb|right|250px|Iammathewian Durarara Parody

Other WorksEdit

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