One of the cakes that lead Nagisa astray

Name: Nagisa Akimori
Aliases: Naggy, Aya, Rai, Kou, Your Mom
Role in Project: Artist, Voice of Anglophone Chibi Canada


An individual with questionable intentions for the future. Has the natural ability to lurk due to some concern that her words may be easily misinterpreted as rude and thoroughly enjoys being lazy.

Has a few years of illustration under her belt but never uses it for the right reasons and ended up following a different path after being lead astray by something known as a delicious cake. However, she still enjoys taking Life Drawing classes that involve naked models as muscles are always so pretty to draw.

Once an active cosplayer until her encounter with the community in a West Coast convention and was scared shitless that sh

Samples of Nagisa's works

e has reconsidered her interest and stuck to drawing and liking video games from a safe distance from others. Nagisa can still be found in various conventions in North America like Anime Central, Anime North, Anime Expo, and Otakon on occassion... selling fanworks, originals, and drawing dirty manlove for the sake of raising money and putting herself through school.

Has done only two other voice works that involved voicing a mutated creature for a school project, and the other as Momiji Sohma for a Fruits Basket Fanwork. Also has a healthy infatuation with famous Japanese voice actor Morikawa Toshiyuki and english voice actor Troy Baker. While she is in constant denial, the Suikoden game series is still deeply imbedded in her heart.


  • Hawt Saucy Tea - Doujinshi Circle and personal website. (Has not been updated in a long time)
  • Silver Reprisal - Deviant Art Convention account.
  • Silver Reprisal!y - Yaoi Gallery account. Must be an 18+ pervert to access.
  • Akimori - Livejournal account for Artwork and GBC baking projects.