Placard ottawa

Ottawa by Misharoyuki on DeviantArt

Ottawa is one of the unofficial city characters in the IAmMatthewian Project (IAMP).

Physique and personalityEdit

Ottawa is a bilingual city in Ontario and is the capital of the country. He has platine blond hair with a small ahoge and green eyes hidden behing his black square glasses. Ottawa wears a black formal suit buttoned with blue-green button. He also wears a blue-green shirt and a black tie, along with black formal pants and black leather shoes. Ottawa will often wear a decorative tulip, since the city is known for annualy recieving many tulips as a gift from the Netherland to Canada. Ottawa works a lot and so he will often bring work around with him whenever he can. He his also known as the most boring city in Canada, according to recent surveys.


Ottawa by TheRealCanadianBoys.