Placard Quebecity

Québec City by Misharoyuki on DeviantArt

Québec City is one of the unofficial city characters in the IAmMatthewian Project (IAMP).

Physique and personalityEdit

Québec City is a French Canadian city and is also the capital city of the province of Québec. He has golden-blond hair with an ahoge similar to Jean's and dark blue eyes. He wears a black cardiggan with a white collar shirt underneath, and a medium blue scarf around his neck, which falls low on both side of his body. He wears light denim jeans, maintained with an ordinary brown belt, and black formal shoes. Québec city like to dress in very elegant and fancy way, which could be compared to the classic Parisian attire, not to formal and not too relaxed, which is also known to be a little more effeminate than what people would consider normal men attire. Québec City like to impress and so he always make sure to dress in the latest fashion.

Quebec City

Quebec City by TheRealCanadianBoys.