Placard Vancouver

Vancouver by Misharoyuki on DeviantArt

Vancouver is one of the unofficial city characters in the IAmMatthewian Project (IAMP).

Physique and personalityEdit

Vancouver is an English speaking city and is the metropolis of the province of British Columbia. Vancouver has black short hair and yellow eyes. He wears a black, short sleeved shirt, of which the large collar drops, uncovering his right shoulder. The shirt is also connected to a red strap and features a red zipper/ribbon and a big pocket. Vancouver also wears a red tie and red headphones, along with dark grey jeans and black sneakers.

Vancouver is, like many other metropolis, a very proud person, but he isn’t as obnoxious about it as the other, as he tend to be on the more quiet side, but he is still pretty confident about himself.  


Vancouver by TheRealCanadianBoys.